Friday, July 23, 2010

Author, Yoshiko Uchida

Journey Home

by Yoshiko Uchida

This book gives a poignant account of one Japanese-American family’s efforts to return to their former lives following a three-year imprisonment by their fellow Americans. In the story, twelve-year-old Yuki and her parents have just been released from Topaz, one of numerous concentration camps used to detain west coast Japanese after the attack on Pearl Harbor at the start of World War II. The story describes the difficulties endured by Yuki and her family as they try to regain some sense of normalcy. They discover that there are no houses to rent, no jobs, and that old friends have changed. Unfortunately, Yuki and her family soon learn that the atmosphere of apprehension and suspension created by the war have caused many Americans to hate the Japanese.

I enjoyed this book and can appreciate the author’s desire to document forgotten events and enlighten future generations regarding the ignorant injustices inflicted on Japanese-Americans during World War II. Many of Uchida's books are about Japanese children; however only Journey Home and Journey to Topaz relate the wartime experiences of Japanese-Americans.

Uchida’s book fills a huge need to chronicle the brutal and shameful treatment wreaked upon Japanese-Americans during World War II. Journey Home is a rich and genuine story that presents an insightful peek into a heartbreaking period in our country’s history. Yuki, her family, and her friends will linger in the reader’s mind as very likeable and spirited people. Yoshiko Uchida is the author of numerous books. Other titles written by her include Desert Exile, Journey to Topaz, Picture Bride, A Jar of Dreams, and The Bracelet.

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