Friday, July 23, 2010

International Literature

Are We There Yet?

by Alison Lester

Are We There Yet?, written by Alison Lester, was originally published in Australia. It is a delightful read and chronicles one family’s six-month tour of their homeland. The story is told through the eyes of eight-year-old Grace as she travels with her parents and her two brothers. During their trip the family spends time swimming, hiking, and enjoying visits to various zoos, museums, and other tourist spots while viewing the ever-changing countryside. They even take time out to visit relatives along the way.

I enjoyed the multi-colored artwork which is done in ink-and-watercolor. The text is very child-friendly and children from anywhere in the world can identify with this book. I also liked the fact that the pages contained maps so that the reader could check the family’s progress. Based loosely on the author’s own personal travels, this brilliantly illustrated book presents a lovely and booming introduction to Australia. I highly recommend it!

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