Friday, July 23, 2010

Books Versus Feature Films

Horton Hears a Who!

by Dr. Seuss

Many times it can be disappointing when a book is turned into a feature film because often the film is nothing like the book. In other words, the film does not live up to the grand expectations that the viewer might have.

In my opinion this was not the case with Horton Hears a Who! written by Dr. Seuss. Both the book and the movie were very similar. Each of the plots revolves around a speck of dust discovered by an elephant named Horton. On the tiny speck there is the microscopic town of Who-ville along with its miniscule inhabitants. Horton is the only one who can hear the voices of the people of Who-ville, and while he desperately tries to keep the speck safe, his fellow jungle friends think he’s nuts!

Generally speaking the movie was very much like the book with regard to the plot. There were a few differences; in the movie several new characters were introduced and advances in technology, such as computers and “Who Space” were evident in the film version. I enjoyed the book and the film. I would recommend both to young readers and movie-goers alike.

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